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iPhone 6s Plus

Apple and Samsung are both mobile phone giants that have gone head to head for the past few years.

Samsung releases their new Samsung Galaxy phones each year and Apple is releasing their iPhone series every year too.

But, when it comes to innovation and market share, both of these companies have a fair share of it. None of them truly has the upper hand as they are on the same tier when it comes to mobile phones.

In today’s article, I am going to talk about the iPhone 6s Plus. If you can remember, the “Plus” line from Apple is usually just a bigger mobile phone with some minor improvements in the hardware.

The design of the iPhone 6s Plus is akin to that of iPhone 6 Plus (without the “s”). If you’ve seen an iPhone 6 Plus before, then you’ve pretty much guessed what the iPhone 6s Plus looks like.

The only mark difference, really, is the inclusion of a small “s” letter just below the iPhone name on the rear cover, and that is pretty much it!

It sports an all-metallic design that naturally looks and feels premium. It also has round edges to help you with gripping the mobile phone.

The display of the iPhone 6s Plus is quite good, although most people expected more. The iPhone 6s Plus has a 5.5-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1080×1920 and a pixel density of 401ppi.

As with all other iPhones out there, the iPhone 6s Plus does have a vibrant display and the images and texts pop out even more than in previous iPhones.

What I love about the iPhone 6s Plus’ display is the fact that it is coated by an Oleophobic material that prevents fingerprints from sticking to the display.

The coating is not perfect by any means but it does a decent job of preventing smears and fingerprints all over the display. Do remember, though, that you will still need to occasionally clean the display with a microfiber cloth from time to time.

One great feature of the iPhone 6s Plus is its 3D Touch technology. Depending on the amount of pressure when using the iPhone 6s Plus, it will do various things like opening up specific applications and other things.

You will have complete control on the apps that will be launched depending on the pressure you’ve applied, so it will be interesting to see how the 3D touch will pan out in the near future.

The performance of the iPhone 6s Plus is nothing short of astonishing. It comes with the new A9 processor which Apple claims as “leaps and bounds ahead of the A8 chip when it comes to performance”.

One way to gauge if a mobile phone’s performance package is good is by doing some benchmark tests. And the iPhone 6s Plus does not disappoint; whether you’re opening multiple applications at once or playing graphic-intensive games, the iPhone 6s Plus did not have any noticeable lag and hiccups at all.

The camera of iPhones always impresses me, but they usually lag behind other mobile phone companies when it comes to megapixels. Although Apple still didn’t want to include an overkill 16-megapixel sensor, the company did upgrade the iPhone 6s Plus’ camera to 12-megapixels.

Furthermore, the front camera of the iPhone 6s Plus also received an upgrade as it now has a 5-megapixel camera, up from 1.5-megapixels found in previous generation iPhones.

The iPhone 6s Plus’ camera is fast and it captures stunningly vivid images. It also now has a faster shutter speed and the iOS camera app is smooth as silk.

All in all, the iPhone 6s Plus is a very good mobile phone. Although it lags behind other competitors when it comes to hardware superiority, no one can argue that the iPhone 6s Plus is a solid phone.