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Asrock G10 Gaming Router

Asrock is a computer components manufacturer that has been known to create quality motherboards. They’ve probably decided to venture into other computer-related niches, that is why, it is surprising to know that they’ve actually created a gaming router.

Introducing the Asrock G10 Gaming router. The design of the Asrock G10 gaming router is quite unique. Unlike other gaming routers, the Asrock sports a Playstation 2-like design, with no external antennas.

The Asrock G10 is also a quad-stream gaming router, which means that it can connect you to an optimized stream, depending on your distance from the gaming router. It has support for both 802.11ac and 802.11n WiFi technologies, so this is a good sign.

So, what can you expect from the Asrock G10 Gaming router? Here are its specifications:

  • World’s Fastest 4T4R 802.11ac
  • 5G@1733Mbps & 2.4G@800Mbps
  • Beamforming Technology
  • Multi-User MIMO
  • Gaming Boost

On paper, the speeds are actually really good. In fact, it boasts of the fastest speeds of 1733MBps for the 5GHz frequency and 800MBps for the 2.4GHz frequency.asrock

It also has proprietary technologies that will entice gamers. They include a “Gaming Boost” feature, which enhances the throughput of online games. Whether you’re using a gaming PC or a gaming console, it will allot available bandwidth, making your games a top priority. This will result in little to no lag at all!

Another technology that is unique to the Asrock G10 is its “IR Learning” technology. The IR learning will “learn” the frequency of your remote controls so you can control your TV using their proprietary smartphone app. Technologies like this is always a welcome addition.

The Asrock G10 gaming router has 4 gigabit Ethernet ports, a WAN port, and it is powered by a 1.4GHz Dual core processor. The gaming router also comes with an H2R dongle, which has an HDMI connector and another gigabit Ethernet port on the side.

As with all gaming routers, the installation and setup process is a breeze! When you first fire up the gaming router, you will be greeted with the router’s gui. You then have to input the default admin user name and password to get in.

Once you’re in the main GUI, just choose whether you have a dynamic or static IP, and the software genie will streamline the process for you!

With a lot of great features right off the bat, let’s see how this fares with customers:

Jake: “I’ve had Asrock gaming motherboards for the past years, and I am very happy with their quality and design. When I first heard that they released a gaming router, I bought one myself. Setup and speeds are great, and for the price, I am getting my money’s worth.”

Eleanor: “My husband and I are online game addicts. Our old Belkin router died on us, and we needed to have another router that is dedicated for gaming. We found the G10 on the internet and its specs are promising. We are very happy that we bought this one because it has all the features we could ever hope to have on a router!”

The Asrock G10 is a little bit pricey at $180, but with solid features from a company that is well known for quality, the Asrock G10 should be in one of your considerations when buying a router.