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You want to buy an electric scooter read this before you buy one

Reasons to buy an electric scooter:

Easy to ride, Light in weight, the weight varies from eight kilo grams to ten kilograms. Drive it the way you want and it don’t have any gears so you don’t have to learn anything before you ride them. These electric scooters are very economical you don’t have to spend on fuel in order to ride it. Don’t worry if you are out of charge, because you can ride them like normal scooters. These scooters are environment friendly because you are not using fossil fuels to ride these bikes. The maintenance costs on these vehicles are very low nearly zero because the only thing which gets wear and tear is the bikes wheels. That too takes a year or two to replace.

Because these are very light and easy to carry you don’t have to worry about anything. It is highly safe for us to ride because you cannot cross 10mph in the scooter. From children to youngsters and even aged people with good health conditions can ride this kind of vehicles. You don’t need a license to drive these vehicles which is positive of riding these vehicles. These bikes are available in many colours and styles so choose the one you like and ride it. Make sure you get the best battery life on full charge of your bike and calculate how far you can go on a single charge. Electric scooters are capable of carrying weights in the range of fifty kilo grams to hundred kilograms. This is the factor for some and it doesn’t even matter for some so choose the price wisely.

These kind of electric scooters are very easy to ride. These kind of electric scooters are very economical and cheap. So you can get one for just hundred dollars or so.

These kinds of scooters are slim like a model and beautiful like an angel so you can use this for shopping inside a shopping mall or a way around the subway it won’t need space so you can even carry them. You also don’t have to worry about your back pain because it has got a very good suspension and truly international standard. So ride them happily and enjoy your ride.

Have you met with an accident during a ride, is your scooter heavily damaged don’t worry about searching for parts you can buy them where you purchased them.

It runs on 24V (two 12V) sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system. This one has got twist-grip acceleration control and hand operated front brake. It also has eight inch pneumatic tyre as the front wheel.


If you’re looking for something that’s easy in your pocket, the electric scooter can be your right choice. You can ride them so easily and effectively. These scooters are very reliable and make sure that you ride them safely always. These scooters never ever cheat you for any reason. .

The Talos Principle Game for the Playstation 4

Do you like puzzle games? I like puzzle games because it allows me to flex my brain muscles from time to time.

But, there aren’t a lot of puzzle games that has a compelling story worthy of my time. I am glad that this game was released because it is considered to be one of the best games in the genre.

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Today, I am going to talk about The Talos Principle. This game has been released first for the Windows 10 and OS X systems and was later ported to the Playstation 4 game console.

So, what is this game all about? At the start of the story, you will take control of an unnamed android who apparently just woke up from its sleep. It was made apparent later in the game that the Android you’re playing with is actually just one of the many androids that inhabit the serene environment.

During the course of the game, you will hear a voice that will tell you what to do. The voice comes from an omnipotent being who calls himself as “Elohim”.

As you progress through the game, you will find a tower that is high above. During this time, Elohim will warn you not to climb the tower and then you, as the player, are given a few options that will alter the ending of the game.

One of these options is to not climb the tower and just do other things instead. Another choice for you will be to climb the tower and see what it brings. And third, you will explore for a little bit and decide to climb the tower later.

There are items in the game that you need to collect. Some of these items are called “sigils” and they can be obtained by doing various puzzles in the game.

After collecting the necessary sigils, Elohim will ask you to join him, in which, you are given another set of options (that will, again, alter the ending).

The first option is where you will join Elohim without resistance but this is actually the bad ending of the game. That is because when you regain consciousness, you will fail an independence check which means that you are actually a new Android.

If you choose the 2nd option, you will actually have the best ending of the game and you will also uncover a lot of secrets as you progress. You will uncover the secrets of Elohim and the world that you’re in.

The Talos Principle is a puzzle game and you will be given a first-person perspective. You will control an unnamed Android and your first tasks are to complete puzzles that will help you collect sigils for Elohim.

This game is far from your conventional puzzle game because it presents you with a lot of dangers while trying to solve a puzzle.

In one stage, you might come across drones that will halt your advances. In another instance, you might be harassed by turrets that prevent you from solving the puzzle.

This game is dynamic and fun and there are a lot of secrets hidden in the game. It is no surprise that this game received a lot of praise and acclaim from various gaming pundits.

The Talos Principle is a great puzzle game and I would not hesitate to recommend this game to you. This game is available for Windows 10, OS X, and Playstation 4 game consoles.

New Overwatch Patch Buffs Ana and Nerfs McCree

A new Overwatch Patch has just released a few hours ago and it brings with it two key changes for two characters.

The first change is for Ana who seems to get beneficial buffs from this update. Ana is a sniper/healer that can not only heal her allies but can also dish damage as well. Because of this dynamic, Ana’s magazine size will be increased to a total of 10 bullets per mag as opposed to the original mag size, holding only a total of 8 bullets.

Not only that but the rate of her fire has also increased by 20%. This means that Ana can now dispense pleasure or pain at a much faster rate.

Personally, I am not a fan of snipers but my friend is. He said that Ana is a really dynamic character. Among the many FPS games I have played, Ana is the only character that has this dynamic of a healer/sniper wrapped in one character.

This is actually a great idea since Ana can just situate herself far from the heat of the battle while dishing out heals and damaging her enemies as well.

There is also a slight buff to her sleeping dart. You see, back when Ana was first released, her sleeping enemies will be back in action immediately after getting hit. With this new patch, enemies that were affected by Ana’s sleeping dart will now have to wait 0.5 seconds before they can shoot around again. This is great to deter enemy movement while also providing Ana more than enough time to get away.

Another major change in this patch is a slight nerf to McCree. Since McCree was buffed in the last update, a lot of people are actually using him more often.

That is because McCree can dispense high amounts of damage even from afar, which realistically, shouldn’t happen.

Because of this, Blizzard nerfed McCree’s damage if they are fired from afar. Technically speaking, his original damage will not get a minimal damage decrease the farther the enemy is. This patch will make sure to kill all of those long-range McCree players.

Although McCree’s damage gets a nerf when firing from long distances, players need not worry as the damage decrease is not that bad. In fact, McCree’s damage is way better than when the game was first released.

To make peace with the McCree players, McCree’s alternate fire, Fan the Hammer, has been sped up by 15%. This means that players can now use Fan the Hammer with confidence knowing that it can instantly kill enemies in short range because it now fires at a much faster rate.

And lastly, the Flashbang cooldown has also been adjusted so that players can throw grenades on a rather consistent basis.

Other than the two changes I’ve mentioned, there is also some nifty bug fixes. Blizzard fixed a bug where Lucio, Mercy, and other character models were not rendered properly.

If you’ve played last week and you were using the aforementioned heroes, you might come across times where you cannot do damage. That is because of this graphics bug which was, thankfully, fixed in this patch.

The newest patch is still only available on the PC but expect that the patch will be introduced in the coming days for the game console versions.

Overwatch is an FPS shooting game and is available on the PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 game consoles.