How to use the r4 card

We’ve all been there. Eager to put in our new R4 card full of games we want to play on the Nintendo DS, we try to put it in the slot, only to have something go wrong. For many DS owners, an issue that they have to deal with is the slot no longer working. This comes from improperly installing and removing cards, and can make a Nintendo DS worthless.


So, lets take a quick look at the proper way to add and remove a DS Card, to make sure you can make full use of your R4 Card.





1. Fully Charge the Battery


Installing an R4 card will require enough power on the part of the Nintendo DS. As a result, make sure that the Nintendo DS is fully charged before you install the card. This may seem like a hassle, but it is a good rule to keep. If the DS loses power while it is figuring out and connecting to the R4 Card, everything can be corrupted and you can lose the card, and DS.



2. Make Sure it is Off


Though this is common sense, many people forget to turn off their DS before installing a new card. A power down is required for the DS to register the card. In addition, the DS can freeze if the card is installed, and possibly corrupt the material you’ve put on the R4 3DS Card.



3. Face Down, Insert Card


The next step is to place the Nintendo DS face down on a counter. Taking the card, which should also be facing down, insert it into the back slot. Softly, make sure it is firmly attached.



4. Turn On


Once firmly attached, turn on the Nintendo DS and let it begin its operations. This may take a little longer then normal.



5. Manual Start Up


As a final note, it is important to make sure the Nintendo DS is on manual start up. If it is on automatic start up, then it may skip directly to whatever game you have, not allowing you to access the material in your R4 card.





1. Pressing on the Card


Removing the R4 card is easy. Make sure the Nintendo DS is powered down, and then press against the card. This will cause it to spring from its slot. Remove it, and then power up the Nintendo DS if you want.

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