Troubleshooting Your R4 3DS Card

An R4 3DS card is a great gaming investment. Using one can allow you to play new and exciting games. It can also let you listen to music, read books, and watch movies, all on your Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS lite. However, like many others, you may have a few issues when you first try to use your card. Here, we have put together a simple troubleshooting guide for the most common errors. Just follow the recommendations here, and you will be playing again in no time.

“An Error Occurred…”

The most common error users typically encounter when using their R4 3DS card for the first time is that an error message flashes on the screen. Typically, this message reads something like, “An error has occurred. Press and hold the power button to turn the system off. Please see the operations manual for help troubleshooting”. So what do you do? Simply turn the power off, as instructed. Your card needs just a bit more work before it will play correctly. First, be sure that your system is compatible with the R4 3DS card you bought. If it is, move on to the next paragraph.


What is Wrong?

So what happened? Usually, it is pretty simple: your card just needs to be updated. Updating an R4 3DS card is pretty simple, thankfully. When your card is not updated to the latest version, your R4 3DS card may not work with your firmware on your system. This can result in the above error message. If you do not fix it, you will not be able to play any of your games on the card, store any game progress as you play on your card, or use any of the media that you have stored there.

How to Fix It

Firstly, visit the website for the manufacturer of your card. They normally have information about when the last updates occurred. If there has been an issue, they usually post “patches,” on their webpages to keep their cards working. Download these patches to your PC. Plug in your USB reader with your microSD card in it. Then, just install the patch (or patches) to the root of your card. Plug it back up into your R4 3DS card and power your system up. This time around, your card should work just fine. If it does not, you may need to do some further research into the problem.


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